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January 2002
*Note: Information Technology Policies are in the process of
review and will be updated throughout the year*
Oklahoma State University
A. Introduction
The quality of information published by Oklahoma State University plays an important role in determining and maintaining its reputation and image. Oklahoma State University makes its World Wide Web (WWW) servers available to support the mission of the University: teaching, research, and community service. WWW servers are also known as Web servers. Coordination of all OSU Web services should be organized by top-level campus Web pages.
B. Scope
This policy is applicable to all individuals using University owned or controlled computer and computer communication facilities or equipment. It is applicable to all University information resources whether individually controlled or shared, stand alone or networked. It applies to all computer and computer communication facilities owned, leased, operated, or contracted by the University. In addition, a user must be specifically authorized to use a particular computing or network resource by the campus unit responsible for operating the resource.
Individual units within the University may define "conditions of use" for information resources under their control. These statements must be consistent with this overall Policy but may provide additional detail, guidelines and/or restrictions. Such policies may not relax or subtract from, this policy. Where such "conditions of use" exist, enforcement mechanisms defined therein shall apply. These individual units are responsible for securing appropriate authorization (Per 2-0501 Administrative Information Systems policy) and to furnish Computing Information Services (CIS) with a copy of the approved document. Units must also publicize both the regulations they establish and their policies concerning the authorized and appropriate use of the equipment for which they are responsible. In such cases, the unit administrator shall provide the Executive Vice President with a copy of such supplementary policies prior to implementation thereof. Where use of external networks is involved, policies governing such use also are applicable and must be adhered to.
C. Policy
It is OSU policy that information published, in part or totally, on OSU Web servers, and all users using University or University-funded Web servers must comply with applicable laws, and University and campus policies and guidelines. Web publishing with OSU equipment and services is a privilege, not a right.
  • User Access - All members of the OSU community (faculty, staff, students) may use OSU Web servers to publish subject to campus policies and practices concerning electronic communication.
  • Appropriate Use - OSU provides access to Web resources for the conduct of University business. Individuals may use services directly related to their position at OSU. Incidental and occasional personal use is permitted provided such use does not:
  • directly or indirectly interfere with the University operations
  • burden the University with noticeable incremental cost
  • harm the University's reputation or image
  • interfere with individuals' employment or other obligations to the University
  • violate applicable laws, University, or campus policies.
  • Appropriate Content - Departments are responsible for insuring that information available on OSU Web servers is current and accurate, and that content is directly related to the business function of their unit. No proposed event, academic programs or other event should be promoted on a Web site until actually approved. All web publishing is for the purposes of OSU personnel, departmental, college or division. "Conduct Expectations and Prohibited Actions" are defined in the University Acceptable Computer Use Policy.
  • Use of University Name and Seal - University and campus policy and guidelines govern all aspects of use of the University name and seal.
  • Identification - All Web sites under University jurisdiction (i.e., on OSU Web servers or commercial Web servers funded by University funds) must display "OSU," or "Oklahoma State University" and include a link to the OSU homepage, http://www.okstate.edu/. Appropriate additional information includes the ownership of the Web site, (required is a contact name, address, telephone number, and an email address), and the date of the last update. This ownership information must appear in each collection of pages available from an OSU Web server, preferably directly on the principal Web page in the collection, and also within the pages of any coherent sub collection of Web pages. Ownership information for a particular Web site available from an OSU Web server should be ascertainable with minimal effort by an experienced Web user.
  • Advertising and Endorsement - University policy prohibits use of University properties for commercial purposes or personal financial gain. If any money transaction is involved for any reason a written explanation is required to be submitted to OSU Legal Counsel for review and approval. A copy of the request is to be submitted to the CIS Systems Security Officer. Links from an OSU Web page to any non-OSU Web site must not imply University endorsement of the site's products or services. A disclaimer should be displayed if the context does not clearly indicate non- endorsement.
  • An appropriate disclaimer would be:
    Links on these pages to commercial Web sites do not represent endorsement by Oklahoma State University or its affiliates.
  • Acknowledgement of Donations/Contributions - OSU Web publishers may acknowledge donations/contributions by creating links to selected organizations/ corporations that are contributors to the campus. Only gifts that have been processed through the OSU Foundation may be acknowledged on OSU Web sites. Acknowledgments should be coordinated with the OSU Foundation and approved by the dean responsible for the college or department. An appropriate acknowledgment might read:
    The XXX Program/Event is supported, in part, by Name of Organization. or We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship/contribution of Name of Organization. Links may be made to the donor organization's Web site and may contain the donor organization's logo. Donor/contributor information should not dominate any Web page available from an OSU Web server unless the clearly stated purpose of that page is to acknowledge such support.
  • Copyright - Contents of all electronic publications must follow existing laws and University policies and guidelines regarding copyright.
  • Personal Web Pages - OSU supports the concept of faculty, staff, and students creating personal Web pages that provide information relevant to the individual's role at the University. Personal Web pages published on OSU Web servers, or commercial Web servers funded by University funds, are subject to all existing laws and University policies.
  • As noted elsewhere in this policy, Web pages on University Web servers may not be used to promote personal business or to provide personal financial gain.
  • Personal Web pages shall not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of the University or any unit of the University unless appropriately authorized (explicitly or implicitly) to do so. Where appropriate, an explicit disclaimer shall be included unless it is clear from the context that the author is not representing the University. An appropriate disclaimer would be:
    The opinions or statements expressed herein should not be taken as a position or endorsement of Oklahoma State University.
    Units may choose to host Web sites for non-profit or professional organizations that are involved in or promote the mission of the University. Such Web sites shall be considered personal and shall conform to policies and regulations for personal Web sites.
D. Policy Violations
Violations of University policies governing the use of University electronic resources may result in restriction of access to University information technology resources. In addition, disciplinary action may be applicable under other University policies, guidelines, implementing procedures, up to and including dismissal. Any restrictive action must follow standard University procedures that assure appropriate due process.
E. Resolution of Complaints
Any complaints regarding the application of the OSU World Wide Web Publishing Policy, regarding service restrictions or policy violations, shall be reported to the OSU Systems Security Officer.
F. Notification
References to this policy will be in the OSU Catalog, the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy, the CIS web site and the OSU Policies and Procedures Letters.
G. Application and Enforcement
Each University campus shall be responsible for enforcing this Policy in a manner best suited to its own organization. It is expected that enforcement will require cooperation between such departments as computer systems administration, personnel, affirmative action, academic affairs and student affairs.
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