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Student (H:) Drive Access

Every OSU student has an available home (H:) drive they can access on campus computers. This drive can be accessed from any IT lab, as well as from computers in the library and the Student Union. Although it is accessible from any computer, your drive is private; only you can retrieve your files. It's perfect for temporarily saving documents without using a floppy disk, CD, etc.
To save a file to your personal drive, go to File: Save As. In the drop-down menu, select the (H:) drive. [If you do not see a drive labeled (H:), select the drive displaying your name.] Title your file and hit the save button. The (H:) drive is 500 Megabytes and is available to you as long as you are a student here at OSU.
When you are ready to retrieve your file, visit any on-campus computer. After logging in using your o-key email and password, go to My Computer. Select the (H:) drive, and double-click the appropriate icon to recover your file.
In order to access your H: drive from off campus, you will need to access the virtual labs. Follow this link (https://virtuallabs.okstate.edu/), and select the "Connect" button. If a popup window appears, simply continue. At this point you should see a Windows Server 2003 box for you to enter your O-Key information. Another desktop will appear with icons. Your H: drive will be listed in these icons.
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